Tree Surgery in Horsham, Midhurst and West Sussex

D. Howick Tree Surgery has a trained team of LANTRA and NPTC tree surgeons qualified to City & Guilds standards. All personnel have CSCS cards and receive the industry’s latest training on climbing and roping techniques. Based in Dragons Green, we help customers and clients in the surrounding Horsham, Midhurst and West Sussex areas with management strategies that contribute to good overall tree health.


Our company operates with CHAS, FCA and FISA accreditation.


If you need to use D. Howick Tree Surgery for crown reductions, pollarding or some general pruning and tidying, we have the team and the specialist equipment needed to help you – even with the most awkward types of tree surgery work.


Our tree surgeons work cleanly and conscientiously, leave sites in the West Sussex area clean and tidy at the end of each project. It’s important to us that the customer is always happy with the quality and the standard of our workmanship. Should you need us to contact the relative council or local authority for Horsham or Midhurst to obtain paperwork for tree surgery in a conservation area, this won’t be a problem.

Woodland Management in Horsham

D. Howick Tree Surgery also obtains paperwork for trees with preservation orders.


Services from our qualified tree surgeons include:


• Tree Felling and Removal

• Pruning and Pollarding

• Crown Lifting

• Crown Reductions

• Crown Thinning

• Stump Grinding

• Hedge Trimming

• Tree and Shrub Maintenance


We provide services on a traditional appointment basis. For those in the local area with urgent requirements, D. Howick Tree Surgery offers a full 24-hour emergency callout service.

Woodland Management in Midhurst

Tree Felling and Removal


Our two main methods of removal are directional felling and sectional dismantling. For a directional fell, tree surgeons cut notches into the trunk so that the tree collapses to the ground safely. Controlling the direction of the fall protects nearby properties and reduces the potential for injury to our personnel and to members of the public.


Sectional dismantling in Horsham, Midhurst and West Sussex sees the tree removed piece-by-piece, from the top down, and limbs lowered to the ground using rigging equipment.


Crown Lifting


This form of tree surgery clears space below the crown, often in towns and cities to leave routes clear for pedestrians and traffic to pass safely. Removal of the lower branches and trimming inside the foliage reduces the overall weight of the crown. This encourages the canopy to lift naturally. Usually, our tree surgeons work to a specific height clearance.


This is a service provided to domestic customers who need more space to move around their properties, and to local authorities looking for a full tree management service.

Crown Reductions


Cutting foliage from the outside edges of the crown reduces the overall size and shape of the tree. This form of tree surgery, referred to as crown reduction, uses cuts to a bud or, at the very least, to the closest point of a partnering limb. The purpose of a reduction is to shape the crown, reduce the canopy weight and prevent limbs from breaking during strong winds.


Our tree surgeons leave a balanced tree, in good overall health, which is less prone to decay and disease.


Crown Thinning


Some trees in Horsham, Midhurst and other parts of West Sussex have congestion inside the canopy. This makes them susceptible to damage in high winds. D. Howick Tree Surgery uses crown thinning to relieve congestion, reduce wind resistance and let light pass through the canopy – a benefit that encourages healthy growth of plant life on surrounding land.


Qualified tree surgeons maintain the shape and the appearance of the tree. Crown thinning leaves the tree in a healthier, stronger and lighter condition.

Woodland Management in West Sussex

Stump Grinding


Both forms of tree removal – directional or sectional – leave a stump. As the roots start to decompose, our domestic and commercial customers sometimes encounter issues with honey fungus and suckering. The tree stump also acts as a tripping hazard or a barrier to landscaping and development. Stump grinding reduces remnants to sub-ground level.


Tree surgeons with the correct training use specialist machinery for stump grinding. D. Howick Tree Surgery can provide this service for you at any time of the year.

Contact us on 01403 740094 or 07716 128891 for tree surgery services in Horsham, Midhurst and West Sussex.

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Woodland Management in West Sussex
Woodland Management in West Sussex
Woodland Management in Horsham
Woodland Management in Midhurst
Woodland Management in West Sussex
Woodland Management in Horsham
Woodland Management in Midhurst
Woodland Management in West Sussex